International Journal of Dental Sciences

Online ISSN: 2663-4708
Print ISSN: 2663-4694

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2019)

Early detection of oral cancer: Central role played by dental surgeons

Author(s): Shahrukh Ali khan, Waseel Ahmed siddiqui, Mehwash kashif, Tayyaba Rasool
Abstract: Dental specialists are ordinarily the primary experts who are drawn nearer to treat pathologies inside the oral cavity. Therefore, they should be well-prepared and well-equipped in recognizing suspicious lesions during routine clinical practice. They should have firm knowledge on early signs and risk factors that are associated with oral cancer so they can prevent the lesion on its early stages. Unfortunately due to lack of proper knowledge patient is diagnosed in late stages when the prognosis is poor.Inspite of the fact that basic oral cancer examination for provisional diagnosis requires only 90 seconds but very few dentists are investing their energy for the same. In this short communication we would discuss the same.
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