International Journal of Dental Sciences

Online ISSN: 2663-4708
Print ISSN: 2663-4694

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2019)

HBOT application at cases of gingival inflammation

Author(s): Ilma Robo, Saimir Heta, Lola Karkanaqe, Vera Ostreni
Abstract: The treatment of periodontal diseases, mainly of their origin, with the most common clinical manifestation in form of gingival inflammation, is manifold and powerful, including: mechanical therapy, antibiotic, antiseptic and various approaches to treatment, which are recommended to be used within a short period of time. New therapeutic approaches have been proven as alternative treatment to conventional therapy, or in combination with conventional therapies, to reduce the number of periodontopathic pathogens in gingival sulcus. HBOT has a detrimental effect on periodontal microorganisms, as well as beneficial effects on the healing of periodontal tissue, increasing oxygen pressure in gingival pockets. Our study is aimed at reviewing the current published literature on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and focuses on role of HBOT as a therapeutic measure for the individual with periodontal disease in general and for the impact on the recovery of gingival inflammation. HBOT and parodontal treatment together, reduce up to 99% of the gram-negative anaerobic load of subgingival flora. HBOT, significantly reduces subgingival anaerobic flora. Clinical effects in 2 year follow-up of treated patients are sensitive. Reduction of gingival hemorrhage indexes, depth of peritoneum, plaque index, occurs in cases of combination of HBOT and detraction. Reduced load persists up to 2 months after therapy. The significant increase in connective tissue removal starts at the end of 2nd week, to achieve the maximum in week 3-6 of application. HBOT used for re-implantation, stimulates the healing of periodontal membrane, pulp, prevents root resorption, healing of periodontal lining tissues. HBOT, significantly reduces the hemorrhage index with 1.2 value difference, 0.7mm probe depth, reduces gingival fluid by 2. HGH exposure is increased by gingival blood flow, with a difference of 2 in measured value. The therapeutic effects of HBOT in the value of the evaluation index can be saved up to 1 year post treatment.
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