International Journal of Dental Sciences

Online ISSN: 2663-4708
Print ISSN: 2663-4694

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2019)

Biological activity of mesenchymal stem cells in the surface of implants

Author(s): Ilma Robo, Saimir Heta, Dhimitri Papakozma, Vera Ostreni
Abstract: The biocompatible materials applied to the implant surfaces are the target of recent literature studies. Modification of implant surfaces in different ways such as: application of additional ions, surface microstructure change, surface or laser ultrasound alteration or application of various substances such as recombinant proteins are among the most affected by articles published in literature. The mesenchymal cell reaction to these materials is according to the literature, in the same percentage positive to the osteointegration process. It is emphasized in the literature that implant success as a key evaluation key has more to implement implant treatment protocol ranging from dental health amenity and subsequent of the choice of implant type depending on the alveolar shape of the ridge level. Osteointegration is a procedure that should initially be physiologically independent of the type of implant pile material. With this physiological process, it can-not "boast" for implant success or implantation depending on the brand of the selected implant, as the breadth of synthetic or natural materials that promote osteointegration is relatively large.
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